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Pupil Light font

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Pupil Light font by SWMCA Brands & Holding LLC.
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Pupil Light was the first go at a classroom font by SWMCA Catalogs, going back to 1989. It is based off the Slimline Regular font (later to be renamed Basic), SWMCA's first font. For a "cleaner" presentation SWMCA recommends using the bold selection in your computer programs. This is due to the fact that the original drawings from 1989 were used and then digitized. A substantial amount of work was done on this font before Sept. 5 2014 when SWMCA became unionized, therefore it is presented as a non-union work. This will also be the last non-union font put out by SWMCA. There are more fonts coming as part of the Pupil font family see note below. The Pupil fonts are part of the SWMCA Schoolhouse line even-though "schoolhouse" is not in the name.

After a 7 month delay due to dealing with the European Commission's VAT (Value Added Tax) on internet downloads, we're back to creating fonts again.

Pupil Calligraphic is also available now; here at Fontspace, and COMING SOON is Pupil Rounded; which was also started last year, and is finally getting completed this Summer. Pupil Calligraphic was finished first, and you can get it now! A planned date for mid-July is scheduled for Pupil Rounded, but it's not concrete quite yet.

Both of these fonts are be union made product downloads with an Union Label Certificate, but they will be issued 2014 certificates instead of 2015 because they were originally intended to be released last year around Christmas and the certificates were already done since only the name of the font was required for that part.

Pupil Light Medium sample text
Pupil Light Medium (Version 2) Pupil_Light.otfView Font Info 455 characters — View All


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