99 % OCCUPY Font

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99 % OCCUPY Font

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    About 99 % OCCUPY Font

    This font is named for the people great and small of the OCCUPY movement. The author of this font was a part of this movement.

    People involved in this movement were sick and tired of the status quo and the richest 1% controlling just about everything...yeah, including even the government! They often referred to themselves as "the other 99%". This group ranged from the homeless to the ["former"] Middle Class, and even some wealthier individuals who were ready to ORGANIZE! A number of those past and present want the class system abolished...and not entirely without reason.

    The movement had people join from all walks of life to camp out mostly in public lands and do marches for justice and fairness.
    Yeah there were millionaires and billionaires as part of the OCCUPY movement, but they DIDN'T have the 'silver spoon syndrome' unlike most of their counterparts.

    The Kansas City OCCUPY group camped out near the Liberty Memorial. The author lived nearby and furnished this group with supplies at times and camped with them a couple of times. This group is known today as KC-99. As an evident rebuttal, Downtown Kansas City, Missouri got a new nightclub named "ONE %".

    About two of the samples:

    1. "POWER TO THE ARTISTS..." (the default)

    There was a tragic murder spree at the Charlie Hebdo magazine in France. "Hebdo" is French for "Weekly". The sattire publication was actually named after the Peanuts cartoon character Charlie Brown. The tragedy happened the same week the 99% OCCUPY font was getting it's final touches. "Je Suis CHARLIE" is French for "We Are CHARLIE". Keep in mind many who practice Islam know the value of free speech and support it. The so-called "Muslims" who attacked the publication were indeed the minority. This graphic was sadly the absolute very first time the 99% OCCUPY font was ever used. But to take a stand for the freedom to be heard; it was well worth it! Hey, that's what the OCCUPY movement fought for the most (and as of this writing still does)...not fame, nor fortune, but to be HEARD!


    All graphics are in the 99% Occupy font at various sizes and colors. The concerns listed in the background are as follows left to right, up to down:

    -true freedom
    -"the labor movement with the REAL power it should have to bargain and ORGANIZE!"
    -living wages
    -"youth education not child labor"
    -fair representation
    -qualification based only on merit
    -ending all forms of slavery
    -and finally "FUN FOR EVERYONE...not just the status quo!"

    There are only 2 OCCUPY movement related fonts on Fontspace currently and both are from the Heart of America...KANSAS CITY!
    There's 99% OCCUPY which is this font, and MEDIA BLACKOUT from our fine competitor KC Fonts. GET 'EM BOTH!

    The 99% OCCUPY font has been earmarked to never be for sale, but always free (even-though it is copyrighted). This is mentioned and enforced by the font's EULA. Plans are in the
    works for a 99% OCCUPY Light to be introduced before the end of the year 2015. A italic and/or cursive for this font may also be created.


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