Russelfeiring Blast Condensed #1 Font

by SWMCA Brands & Holding LLC.

Russelfeiring Blast Condensed #1 Font

Original Condensed Style

Russelfeiring Condensed No 1 Medium
truetype 105 glyphs 131 characters
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    About Russelfeiring Blast Condensed #1 Font

    After 30 years, we are retiring the Fun Euro name. The first Fun Euro font was drawn in 1986. Don't worry, this and other fonts will still be offered, and for free. Just under a different name, -and that name just happens to be none other than Russelfeiring Blast.

    The name is in the less serious spirit of most of the Fun Euro fonts. Russelfeiring is a season from May first through seventeenth where people (mostly college age) celebrate much how Mardi Gras in New Orleans was celebrated prior to Hurricane Katrina. This holiday is Norweigan in origin. While Norway is not a part of the European Union, the nation is still in Europe -as in the continent. That's what makes the new name still "of Europe". Although we won't be doing it immediately, on the specimens with the old Fun Euro name is still appearing, we will eventually edit out the Fun Euro name and replace it with the new Russelfeiring Blast name.

    This is Russelfeiring Blast Condensed No. 1. The Russelfeiring Blast font family formerly Fun Euro was inspired by the Eurostile family of fonts, BUT IS NOT EXACTLY ALIKE. All the Fun Euro fonts were hand drawn so they never will look exactly like Eurostile. "Based on" or "inspired by" means that that another font (in this case Eurostile) was used as a model guide and/or pattern for the font. It has a squareness of Eurostile Condensed, but a more fun look. This font was designed off of the 1986 Fun Euro design. It was originally designed as a sign painter's font, and not for use as a home computer font or in stuff like Lithography. This design was redrawn so it could now be used that way. The 2009 design (which a sister font the former Fun Euro Schoolhouse -now Name Day Cheers- uses) retains the Eurostile rounded squareness but otherwise has a radically different look, as it was designed with digitization and sight impairment disabilities in mind.

    This is Condensed No1. The No 2 font; that's going on sale soon, is a bolder version than this one, and a little LESS "Playful".

    Some outlets may still be offering Russelfeiring Blast as Fun Euro on the page or in the fonts themselves through the summer. Until we can serve all of them.

    Due to the founder's (and head designer's) forced relocation currently rendering him homeless, upgrades to add more characters to this font are coming, but may be delayed. SWMCA is also asking for donations so we can upgrade our equipment and buy a fixer-upper building to serve as the company's main studio which was the founder's apartment. This would be used for SWMCA and not as a residence. The current equipment is in storage. If you can please press "donate" below. Every amount from the smallest to the largest helps.


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