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Toxia by Michael G Adkins

Want something poisonous to hide in your letterforms? A bit dangerous and dripping wet as it clambers up out of the mire? Try some Toxia. It's a brewed blend guaranteed to tighten your throat and leave you gasping no more.

This is a LIMITED character freeware version of the commercial font, WILD1 Toxia. Honest font users who use this font commercially as downloaded are asked to donate $5 USD to using the DONATE button on this page. A COMPLETE commercial version of this font is available at

For more questions about commercial use or any other use of this font, please feel free to contact us at

or visit the Fontry website at

TOXIA sample text
TOXIA (Version 1.000) Toxia_FRE.ttfView Font Info 223 characters — View All


  • mrsmiley avatar
    Need the full commercial version? GOTO:
  • joanneseadon avatar
    i like this font, it is bold and realy stands out
  • SpideRaY avatar
    @mrsmiley great font how have you limited the commercial use is it through embedding rights ?
  • mrsmiley avatar
    embedding rights can always be negotiated, as it is available in commercial form at myfonts
  • spookman14 avatar
    nice font
  • Gunder avatar
    Killer Font
  • Brewer avatar
    So my question is can I use this font as my company logo legally
    Colleen Bailey
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Copyright (c) 2011 by The Fontry. All rights reserved.


Copyright (c) 2011 by The Fontry. All rights reserved.


Version 1.000


TOXIA is a trademark of The Fontry.


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